Is Period Wear Eco friendly?

Social Impact & Sustainability

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Question Does TOM Period Wear source sustainable products?

We only source products that are made from natural, organic and recycled fabrics, and toxic-free processes. Including: ​​Certified recycled nylon, fabric dyed in Oeko-Tex certified mill and 100% certified organic cotton yarn.

Question Does TOM have a transparent supply chain?

We use a mix of ethical suppliers who have full transparency across their supply chain from cotton growers, spinning, dyeing, fabric & trims supply to cut & sew production.

Question Are the products sold on the TOM website ethically made?

All underwear is manufactured by a companies who provides ethical work conditions and who take environmental sustainability seriously. All our suppliers ensure their products are made in factories that pay a fair wage and have processes and practices in place to reduce their waste output, and source sustainable fabrics.

Question Is TOM Period Wear Eco friendly?

By replacing single use pads and tampons, period underwear helps prevent millions of pads and tampons from ending up in our waterways and landfill every year. Menstruation is a natural body function but the products we use to manage it do have a carbon footprint and it’s bigger than we thought. From manufacture, shipping and recycling, this all contributes to a product’s carbon footprint. A year’s worth of disposable pads and tampons for one person produces 8.9kg of CO2 emissions, the same as charging a mobile phone more than 1000 times.