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Periods are bloody normal, so why are we still worrying about leaks?

Choosing TOM Period Wear means there’s one less thing to worry about – no mess, no stress. Plus, you’re helping the planet by saving tonnes of waste from landfill. It’s a win-win.

We believe in style, comfort, and reliability for any flow.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Period pants are designed like normal pants but can absorb up to 5 regular pads of blood.

Period underwear features 4 layers to absorb and hold your period blood, discharge or bladder leakage: 

• a super-absorbent layer to hold and absorb your flow

• anti-microbial and moisture wicking technology to keep you dry and feeling fresh

• a soft organic cotton layer closest to your skin, designed to draw moisture away fast

• a leak-resistant barrier to prevent any leakage

This depends on your flow, they can be worn alone or with other menstrual products for heavier days.

The fabrics used are to prevent odour and dampness. The anti-microbial layer fights bacteria and odours, and the moisture-wicking cotton quickly draws moisture away from your skin, keeping you dry.

Period underwear has been rigorously tested. Depending on the style you purchase they can hold between 1 -5 regular pads/tampons worth of menstrual blood.

They look and feel just like your normal underwear. We’re not kidding! In fact, some would say they’re even more comfortable than your normal underwear.

The layer closest to your skin is 95% organic cotton, 5% spandex. Other fabrics used are bamboo, recycled nylon and spandex. They shouldn’t irritate even sensitive skin. The AWWA Boxer Brief is made from Tencel which is a brand of lyocell and modal fibres that is made from sustainably sourced wood!

We are committed to revolutionising periods for menstruators while doing everything we can to care for you and, our planet. Tom would never intentionally sell or add anything that would be harmful to period underwear, including PFAS. 

Of course! Period underwear is also suitable for spotting and minor bladder weakness. You might even love them so much that you decide to wear them every day.

Yes! For pregnancy, They are great for light bladder leakage and discharge. For postpartum, generally, we advise waiting the first few days after giving birth as your discharge will include blood, clots and lochia.  Clots and lochia contain solid and mucous discharge and will (similar to how a pad works) not allow the gusset to absorb effectively. 

Firstly, make sure you measure yourself using our size guide. Your hip measurement is the most important one when trying to find the right size underwear. For some of our styles, it’s also helpful to know your waist measurement.

Tom sizing guide



Absolutely! Our underwear can be worn by all menstruators. 

Period pants last up to two years following our care instructions, as long as you haven’t used a dryer or fabric softener during that time. These ruin the membrane which keeps them leakproof.

You know when it’s time to replace your period undies when you notice leaking through to the outer side of your undies when usually this wouldn’t happen, meaning the membrane has now worn.

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